My Inspiration

I can honestly say the biggest influence in my life has been sports. The moment I started walking I was introduced to basketball. From that moment on, my involvement with sports evolved around playing basketball, running track, and practicing with my father’s little league teams. My father was a well-known football coach and an avid sports advocate. Therefore, my brother and I have literally tried and played almost every sport known to man. I am very thankful to my father for pushing me athletically because it also pushed me mentally. However, due to a sports injury. I couldn’t pursue my dream of playing collegiate basketball. So, I did the next best thing and decided to work as closely to sports as I could. I owe all of my aspirations of becoming a sport broadcaster to my father, and the cast of ESPN First Take.

ESPN First Take’s cast consist of Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless, and Cari Champion. These three present and debate on hot topics in sports for an hour. While watching the show I am updated on different issues in sports. Even if you are not the biggest sports fan, they present the information in a manner that commands your attention for the entire show.

Following First Take is a show titled His & Hers, which has the same premise. Michael Smith and Jemele Hill, who are two very well educated journalists, host this show. Just like First Take, they present sports topics in a way that includes comedy and different perspectives.

First Take and His & Hers cast members, especially the women, inspire me to continue down the path I am on to obtain a degree in sports broadcasting. Just like Jemele Hill and Cari Champion, I hope to be an inspiration to young women in the sports world.


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