TV Production

I enrolled in a TV 1 Production course during the Fall of 2015. However, I swore I was only taking this course to satisfy my degree requirements.

But, before I knew it I had fallen in love with television production. My professor was James Machado. If you don’t know him by name, you’ll know him by his work. He edited shows like Love & Hip Hop, Pawn Stars, and many more. My colleagues and I walked away from that course with technical knowledge learned through the hands on experience he gave our class in WCU’s TV studio.

Personally, I learned…

  • How to properly wrap a cable
  • Find/adjust audio levels
  • Work a studio camera
  • Frame various shots
  • Roll tape
  • White & black balance cameras
  • I directed a segment**
  • I operated the switcher for a segment and helped my classmates become Technical Directors**
  • Make graphics
  • Roll the prompter
  • Write A/V scripts & rundowns

Here is a link to our final project. This fictional newscast was a compilation of the various segments written, directed, and produced by my TV class. I directed the interview segment with WCU Faculty member Candy Noltensmeyer. I was the TD for the “commercial” about The Speedo Teamster Bag.


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