Post-Game Wrap Ups & Social Media

During July 28-30, I was tasked with writing the post-game wrap ups for these games. Our supervisor was out of town for a friend’s wedding and left us in charge of various aspects within the Media Relations department. The Drive were facing the Rome Braves during this homestand.

My main focus was on Social Media and Post-Game Wrap Ups. I also had other miscellaneous duties as well. Below are PDFs of the wrap ups written by me but not formally uploaded to the Greenville Drive’s website. However, they were reviewed by my supervisor after they were initially written. I also have screenshots of the Tweets I posted on the Drive’s Twitter account during these days.

The PDFs are in order starting with Thursday night’s game on the 28th ending with Saturdays game on the 30. However, the tweets are in random order from throughout the weekend.

Unofficial Wrap Up 07282016

Wrap Up 07292016

Wrap Up 07302016



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