SoCon Tournament

Every year the Southern Conference puts on a tournament in Asheville, NC. I was granted the opportunity to work in the Media Relations department during this year’s tourney as a ‘runner’. My duties were to deliver stats/gamebooks and answer telephone calls.

During media timeouts and end-of-periods, I delivered stats to the teams, their SIDs, and team radio hosts. I also ensured that the ESPN reporters and radio hosts received the statistics in a timely manner. During halftime I helped confirm the accuracy of the stats and delivered the up-to-date pages to the SoCon conference room. After every game I delivered gamebooks and final statistics to the conference room for press interviews.

This was a great experience for me both personally and professionally. I was able to meet and gain some wonderful contacts in the Media Relations profession. Everyone that I worked with allowed me to ask as many questions as I could utter out. They weren’t shy about sharing their professional experiences and detours. I definitely encourage others to work for the SoCon in some capacity because they make it a worthwhile experience.

Below are a couple of photos I took during my time working the tournament…



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