Volunteering at Lenoir-Rhyne University

During my many talks with industry professionals I have heard repeatedly that, “you have a great shot at landing your dream job if you can stat volleyball, football, basketball, baseball/softball, and lacrosse.” And, after graduating in December of 2016 I was very concerned about my future as every new grad naturally is. So, I took to my computer and reached out to a couple of universities to see if they needed any help within their media relations departments. After about two weeks of pure silence I finally connected with the Media Relations Director at Lenoir-Rhyne University. He graciously granted me the opportunity to stat a softball double header in the upcoming weeks.

While I am confident in my ability to pick up certain technical skills and applications quickly, I was very nervous about scoring these games. I had never scored a softball game to date and I didn’t want to mess up. He emailed me a cheat sheet to study and bring with me to the game. And, believe me it became a vital part of my life leading up to game day.

On February 5th, I got the opportunity to score the double header. Upon arriving to the field, his computer began to crash therefore making StatCrew unavailable. He gave me the option to go home but I stayed to learn how to score by hand.

This was a very stressful experience but only because I made it that way. No one I worked with on this day ever gave me a hard time, it was the complete opposite. They were are very helpful and accommodating. Scoring by hand helped me understand the flow of the game and the technicalities associated with scoring softball. I strongly believe that manually taking the stats helped me recount the plays to assist him in entering the games into StatCrew.

While I haven’t be able to go back to LRU to volunteer just yet, I am extremely thankful for this experience. It helped me understand how I work under pressure and what I can do better. As I stated before, I am confident in my abilities and even more confident in myself.

The photos below are of the scoring sheets and cheat sheet I used that day.


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