Basketball & Soccer

I cannot express enough how grateful I am for the opportunity WCU gifted me. I have been working for WCU’s Media Relations Department for a couple of months now. I started off by working varsity soccer events. I would operate Daktronics and StatCrew on an event by event basis.

I then received the chance to come on as a Media Relations Game Day Assistant for the basketball season. This position allowed me to be one of the official scorers for WCU Men’s & Women’s Basketball teams. I worked with StatCrew throughout the season to score the games. This experience helped me hone the skills I had previously picked up using StatCrew.

This may be a short post, I could go on talking about the skills and contacts I accumulated while working at WCU. The time that they have all invested in me and my future is greatly appreciated!

#GoCats / #ClawsOut

*The picture posted is of the Play4Kay t-shirt I wore during a women’s basketball game and my basketball credential.*



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