Volunteering at Lenoir-Rhyne University

During my many talks with industry professionals I have heard repeatedly that, “you have a great shot at landing your dream job if you can stat volleyball, football, basketball, baseball/softball, and lacrosse.” And, after graduating in December of 2016 I was very concerned about my future as every new grad naturally is. So, I took to my computer and reached out to a couple of universities to see if they needed any help within their media relations departments. After about two weeks of pure silence I finally connected with the Media Relations Director at Lenoir-Rhyne University. He graciously granted me the opportunity to stat a softball double header in the upcoming weeks.

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My Inspiration

I can honestly say the biggest influence in my life has been sports. The moment I started walking I was introduced to basketball. From that moment on, my involvement with sports evolved around playing basketball, running track, and practicing with my father’s little league teams. My father was a well-known football coach and an avid sports advocate. Therefore, my brother and I have literally tried and played almost every sport known to man. I am very thankful to my father for pushing me athletically because it also pushed me mentally. However, due to a sports injury. I couldn’t pursue my dream of playing collegiate basketball. So, I did the next best thing and decided to work as closely to sports as I could. I owe all of my aspirations of becoming a sport broadcaster to my father, and the cast of ESPN First Take.

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