Hiring Release for Assistant Coach Goromonzi

During my second week at Newberry College, I wrote this hiring release for Rachel Goromonzi who accepted the position as Assistant Coach for Field Hockey. I wrote the story and also made the graphic in photoshop. However, the graphic was pre-made but I had to tweak it a little.

Please click the photo below to be taken directly to the story. 

*I do not own this image, all rights reserved to Newberry College Athletics.*

Softball & Baseball Season

After the conclusion of basketball season, I was brought on to help with baseball and softball. My duties varied between the two sports.

For softball, my duties were operating Daktronics (scoreboard) and StatCrew (live stats). By the end of the season, I was comfortable to stat without having to ask questions. The flow of the game and its intricacies were no longer a mystery to me.

I only got the opportunity to work a couple of baseball games. When I did get that chance I was able to control the scoreboard. This was a little challenging at first because the machines are different at baseball compared to softball. So, initially I would get mixed up on how to type in a strike or things of that nature. I am now glad that the two programs were different because I had the opportunity to learn both.

Below are a couple of photos I took from my time in the pressbox at various softball/baseball games.


Basketball & Soccer

I cannot express enough how grateful I am for the opportunity WCU gifted me. I have been working for WCU’s Media Relations Department for a couple of months now. I started off by working varsity soccer events. I would operate Daktronics and StatCrew on an event by event basis.

I then received the chance to come on as a Media Relations Game Day Assistant for the basketball season. This position allowed me to be one of the official scorers for WCU Men’s & Women’s Basketball teams. I worked with StatCrew throughout the season to score the games. This experience helped me hone the skills I had previously picked up using StatCrew.

This may be a short post, I could go on talking about the skills and contacts I accumulated while working at WCU. The time that they have all invested in me and my future is greatly appreciated!

#GoCats / #ClawsOut

*The picture posted is of the Play4Kay t-shirt I wore during a women’s basketball game and my basketball credential.*